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About me

I'm a Business Computer Systems BSc(Hons) graduate at the University of Brighton, and a Software Developer currently working at a fantastic company Fairfax Meadow Europe Limited in Derby, United Kingdom.

I have more than 10 years experience in Information Technologies field. However, my main work areas are Microsoft Dynamics AX (X++) and .NET/C# development.

Thank you for visiting and have a nice day!

Kind regards,
Donatas Stonys
Derby, Derbyshire, United Kingdom



Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Development Introduction Specialist

Microsoft Dynamics Certified Technology Specialist

Microsoft Certified Professional

Microsoft Certified Professional



  • Laikausi nuomonės, kad kompaniją atspindi jos vadovas. "Kas yra profesionalumas? Tai ne tik užbaigta užduotis, bet ir patobulinta." Tokia ir yra ši kompanija.

  • Recently Donatas has been doing some part time work for me and has been assisting in the upgrading of my hotel’s computer systems and administrative practices.
    He has undertaken a number of computer related repairs and upgrade tasks for me and has never been unsuccessful in resolving any of them.

  • "I have worked with Donatas on a number of occasions after we first met through a mutual client about 9 months ago. I would highly recommend Donatas because he has clearly made an 'online' difference to the different projects I am involved with and as a result the products and services I am working alongside are more accessible on the web. Donatas is very thorough and effective with his approach. His expertise provides you with a great platform from which to market your business and I look forward to doing more work with him in future!"
    Service Category: IT Consultant
    Year first hired: 2011 (hired more than once)
    Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative

  • Donatas of Blue Whale SEO is doing a wonderful job for me on my webpages. I will recommend him for SEO consultation, web optimisation and hosting

  • I would like to give a big thanks Donatas for the hosting and books he gave to read about SEO. Now our website is on the first Google page by keyword "drabuziu siuvimas".

  • Ok, this is the guy behind all my snazzy new internet stuff, my website for the wedding poems and my new Facebook page. [...]
    Donatas has made a real difference to me. His help has made it possible to put my poetry out there!

  • This is our newly updated website! Needs a lot of work still as you will see but is going the right way. This will be updated weekly with all news and events etc. Please save it in your favourites. Thanks to Donatas Stonys for creating the site and walking me through it - slowly!